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Paper Abstract

Hearing outcomes using fractionated proton radiation therapy for Vestibular Schwannoma


“In this research study, we are looking at another type of radiation called proton radiation which is known to spare surrounding normal tissues from radiation. The proton radiation will be delivered using fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy (FSRT) to improve localization of the small tumor target. Proton radiation delivers minimal radiation beyond the area of the tumor. This may reduce side effects that patients would normally experience with conventional radiation therapy. In this research study, we are looking to determine the effects of fractionated proton radiotherapy on long-term hearing preservation and controlling tumor growth.”


  • Proton radiation will be delivered daily for approximately 5.5 weeks. Participants will be assessed weekly for any side effects they may be experiencing.

  • Participants will have a follow-up visit 6 months after their last proton radiation treatment and then every year from the time of treatment completion for 5 years. The following tests and procedures will be performed at these visits: medical history, physical exam, MRI scan, comprehensive hearing tests, and a questionnaire.


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IIT Guwahati
University of Manchester
Rhenix Lifesciences
American university of Sharjah
IIT Delhi

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