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We are scientific professionals committed to synthesizing advances in science and the practice of medicine into layman’s language (simple and understandable), without deviating from the scientific facts. BHIMAR works with renowned scientists from different disciplines and geographies.

We are focused on providing accurate scientific information, helping understand the disease, and pointing to the resources for treatment: nearest specialists, hospitals, and ongoing clinical trials.

Please reach out to us if you would like to join our team as an advisor or intern at For job postings, check out our career page.



In-depth dive into the science behind the sickness. Uncovering the research targeting the sicknesses across different disciplines. Potential collaborative opportunities to develop personalized medicine pipelines.


BHIMAR, means “unwell”, which refers to a person who is sick with a health condition. BHIMAR is focused on helping individuals understand the “depth and breadth of the sickness” in simple terms. BHIMAR connects the dots across fundamental science, research clues, and the practice of medicine.



IIT Guwahati
University of Manchester
Rhenix Lifesciences
American university of Sharjah
IIT Delhi
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