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Paper Abstract

Phase II, single arm study of NOVOTTF-200A In bevacizumab-naive subjects with recurrent WHO grade III Malignant Astrocytoma


“This is a Phase 2 study in subjects with WHO Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma (G3 astrocytoma) who had progressive disease during first or second-line treatment and who have not previously received any BEV or any experimental agents.”


Primary objective:

The primary objective will be to determine the efficacy of NOVOTTF-200A in recurrent anaplastic astrocytoma patients (6-month progression-free survival)

Secondary objectives:

  • To evaluate the safety of NOVOTTF-200A in the subject population.

  • To evaluate the efficacy of NOVOTTF-200A in the subject population.

  • To see if the presence of ATRX, TERT promoter, IDH1 mutations, and/or MGMT promoter methylation, confers a better response to NOVOTTF-200A.

  • To determine if the treatment significantly modifies the patient’s quality of life. The sponsor will use the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy (FACT) questionnaires:
         1. FACT-Brain (FACT-Br)
         2. FACT-Cognitive Function (FACT-Cog)


Exploratory objectives:

  • To determine if the presence of pro-neural or mesenchymal phenotype (Cytoscan analysis) confers a better response to Novo-TTF.

  • To determine if the in vitro sensitivity of the glioma cells derived from patient specimens before and after the NOVOTTF-200A treatment correlates with the patient’s response to treatment.


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IIT Guwahati
University of Manchester
Rhenix Lifesciences
American university of Sharjah
IIT Delhi

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